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Kauffman Performance

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Home of the MR-1, MR-1A, and MR-1 Pro Billet Pontiac Blocks

Kauffman Performance is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality aftermarket Pontiac engine blocks available. Their extensive research, product development and testing, which ranges from street engines to some of the highest horsepower Pontiac race engines in the country, has given them the knowledge few if any others in the Pontiac racing industry possess. They have made corrections and modifications to the original Pontiac design to yield a superior aftermarket Pontiac engine block.

To help insure that you the customer get the highest quality parts available, Kauffman Performance performs all of the machine work in house on their own CNC milling center. This means that the Pontiac block you get from Kauffman Performance is of the same quality and strength as the blocks used in some of the highest horsepower Pontiacs in the world. You can check them out on the web at: