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For many years Mellott Racing has been and continues to be dedicated to racing traditional Pontiac. We continue to devote extensive time and research to Pontiac power. We are always looking for new ways to utilize different motor combinations, developing Pontiac parts and with the help of a very seasoned engine builder and tuner’s expertise, we continue to make headway toward the goal of being one of the fastest and dependable race cars in the Pontiac circuit.

We feel very passionate about giving back to the Pontiac community and supporting Pontiac drag racing. Being a Sponsor of The Pontiac US Nationals in Bowling Green, KY is a privilege. We encourage all Pontiac enthusiasts to support and participate in the racing events to ensure we can continue enjoying quality Pontiac racing for many years to come. See you at the race. Bill, Barb and the Mellott Racing Team.

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Mellott Racing